WooCommerce Stripe subscriptions

Show repeat order frequency on your product pages.

Auto-charge orders plugin for Stripe gateway

Repeat orders every X months, days or weeks with

ARO plugin for WooCommerce Stripe subscriptions


Q: Can we use our own Stripe gateway account? 

Yes, the ARO plugin for WooCommerce supports your own account with Stripe

Q: Do I need to use the native Stripe plugin for WooCommerce? 

ARO plugin offers direct auto-charge feature through Stripe. ARO plugin replaces the native Stripe plugin for WooCommerce, only to charge for auto ship and repeat orders. Orders without a subscription or repeat frequency, are processed via the native Stripe gateway plugin.

Q: Do customers need to log into any special portal to manage recurring orders? 

Your shop customers can manage auto ship orders from the My Account page. The look and feel of repeat orders management would be same as your main e-commerce website theme.


Q: Do customers get email notification before recurring order is placed

Yes, shop admin can set the number of days to send notice of auto-repeat orders. Shop admin can also edit the content of email notices and send recurring order emails any number of days before the order is repeated.

Q: Does store admin have to setup subscriptions for all products? 

Our autoship plugin does not require any subscription setup at the product level. Simply install the plugin and set repeat frequencies. Your website will show repeat frequencies for all products without any custom setup at product level.


Q: Can customers add one time & auto-ship products in one cart? 

Yes, the WooCommerce cart can have both items at the same time. The items selected to auto ship and repeat at a future date will be added to auto-ship plugin.


Q: Can customers easily change repeat cycle of future orders?

Yes, our ARO plugin lets customers edit and manage orders as needed. They can start, stop or disable automatically repeating orders from My account page.

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Basic plan

  • Cost $50 / month. 30 Days free trial
  • Includes 50 auto-repeat scheduled orders
  • Additional orders, $0.50 cents each (after 50)
  • One WooCommerce site
  • One Gateway
  • Email support

Corporate plan

  • Cost $200 / mo. 30 days free trial
  • Includes 200 scheduled, hosted ARO orders
  • Reporting features for repeat orders
  • Additional orders, $0.25 cents each (after 200)
  • Two sites includedLive & Staging
  • Add more WooCommerce sites available on request
  • Multiple Gateways: Stripe, Square, Authorize.net, Braintree
  • Priority email, phone support
  • Includes phone consult for staging and live site setup









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